Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe Design

custom design wardrobe

Finding the perfect balance in style between your wardrobe and the rest of your house might be a little tricky. You will need to consider a few factors like the storage spaces, functionality, material, and types of wardrobe design before you purchase a wardrobe. However, with the variety of options that reputed designers have rolled out, customizing your wardrobe won’t be too challenging.

We will discuss the top five tips in this post, that will help you opt for the perfect-fit wardrobe according to your choice. 

How to choose wardrobe design for your interior?

Your wardrobe goes a long way in enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your home, while providing you with the scope for an organized living. Eventually, the features of your designer wardrobe would depend on your specific requirements. 

  • Usage: You would come across an extensive variety of wardrobes on the market. This includes the ones with two-doors, three-doors, sliding doors, a mirror attached, etc. Once you open up the door, you get several options regarding the configuration of shelves, shoe racks, and hanging spaces incorporated inside it. Therefore, you need to chalk out what kind of storage space you need before purchasing a wardrobe. Once you decide the purposes for which you would be using your wardrobe, you can proceed further to think about its functionality. 
  • Size: The size of your wardrobe is a crucial factor you need to consider next. If your bedroom does not have enough storage capacity, it would be best to go for a small to a medium-sized wardrobe. A large piece of furniture is pretty tough to move around a small space. Consider whether there will be sufficient space to open the doors and walk around comfortably, and fit other furniture as well before you move. 
  • Style: The design of the wardrobe massively contributes to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the bedroom. You can select any of the traditional, versatile classics, high-gloss, slick contemporary, ornate French, Scandinavian, or chic wardrobes as per the theme of your bedroom. Moreover, small touches like the handles and drawer design can add an exceptional delicacy to the entire look of the wardrobe. You can go for customizable handles like ornate glass knobs, slim-brushed chrome, cupboard style to amplify the overall stylistics.  
  • Material and finish: The material and surface finish might appear to be decisive here. There are several types of unique, conventional, and modular wardrobe options available in the market. If you want to purchase a cost-effective and durable one, you can go for a wardrobe made of MDF or particleboard. On the other hand, if you have a taste for traditional decoration, you can choose a solid wood or matt finish wardrobe. Those who like a robust, fresh, glossy, and elaborate look, can purchase wardrobes with painted and high-gloss finish accordingly. 

Purchase your customized wardrobe

When you think of your interiors, you cannot possibly overlook your wardrobe. Hopefully, these tips will help you to choose the appropriate wardrobes design with confidence. Prioritize the utility and looks of the furniture when you purchase one for your home. Established manufacturers and designers have come up with an extensive plethora of options for you to choose from.


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